Here are some directions to our office at 3117 Muskoka Road #169, Bala, Ontario.

“From Toronto at Highways 400 and 401, you can be there within 2 hours”

“Via either Highway #11 to Gravenhurst or straight up the 400 to Road 38, Bala”
From Toronto at the #400 and #401, travel north on the 400 to Barrie, about 45 minutes to one hour.
After Barrie, you can take either Highway #11 North or stay on the 400 traveling towards Parry Sound.

Get off Highway #400 at Muskoka Road #38 if you stay on Highway 400.

Or get off the at Gravenhurst if you take the Highway #11 route.

Bala is located about 15 minutes off Highway #400 via Road 38.

Bala is also about 25 minutes northwest of Gravenhurst via Road #169.

The office is located next to the Bala Falls, at the corner of of Road #169 and Portage Street.